The Smart Villages Consortium has no smaller goal than to change the way we live in Europe.

By reinvesting into our countryside, rural and mountainous areas, we are aiming to simultaneously solve many of the problems Europeans and other continents are faced within the 21st century. Both social cohesion and interconnected, smart technology will play a large role in making our vision a reality. 

A vision that can play a large factor in making Europe more carbon neutral and that lays the groundwork for the ability to easily and painlessly practice social distancing and teleworking. Famously, crisis or danger also embodies opportunity. But in order for us to harness this opportunity, we will have to be brave and think big. We may not be driven by fear, but rather be enchanted by what could be. We cannot allow ourselves to be merely reactive but need to proactively shape the continent with purpose and plan. 

Imagine a world where people rediscover the scenic beauty of our country sides, in which our citizens embrace social engagement, understand the advantages of cooperative structures and feel proud to be an active member of their respective community. A world that embraces and harnesses technology, instead of seeing it as a threat.

By offering the economic, Energy, technological, , educational and medical opportunities of our cities to rural areas, our Smart Villagers will be able to turn around the current problem of land-flight and brain drain in rural areas..

We will equip villages with a stronger synergetic interconnection between existing and new smart technologies, who have  the ability to communicate with one another.

THESE SMART VILLAGES will be built by the villagers for the villagers and will be based on the principles of a circular and sustainable life.

Credit: http://tempiettohomes.com/